It’s time for cancer therapy to work with the body—not against it.

This innovative approach to solid tumor cancer therapy has been shown to be safe in a human clinical trial and through years of published animal studies. Saltikva® induces the desired immune response via Natural Killer (NK) cells. We are rapidly advancing this experimental, revolutionary therapy toward approval to reach patients who need it most, soon.

Why Salspera?
Advancinga safe and effective option for solid tumors

Our microbial immunotherapy will change the way you think about cancer treatment.

Salspera’s immunotherapy, Saltikva®, will provide new hope to patients and oncologists in need of new, effective therapeutic options without toxicity or side effects. Proven safe in a human clinical study and through years of published efficacy studies in animals, Saltikva® is a genetically modified microbial agent, finding its way as a guided missile into solid tumors and activating the body’s own powerful immune response via NK cells.

See the Salspera difference
No side effects

No side

Saltikva®, Salspera’s genetically engineered microbial agent expressing Interleukin-2, is nontoxic and targets solid tumors. It elicits the body’s immune response via NK cells without any known side effects.

Can be used as a co-therapy

May be used
as co-therapy

Saltikva® has been shown in animal studies to enhance the effect of chemotherapy. In the presence of Saltikva®, scientists were able to reduce the dose of a commonly used chemotherapy by 75% while maintaining the same chemotherapy activity. Saltikva® provides hope for patients suffering from chemotherapy toxicity and adverse effects by helping to reduce the needed dosage.

Oral Administration


A human clinical study and extensive animal clinical trials have shown that Saltikva® may be administered orally, providing hope for a more patient-friendly therapy and a simplified, streamlined in-clinic process.

FACT: Saltikva® has been shown in animal studies to reduce the need for large chemotherapy doses.

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